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Breaking down your Washington State negligent driving offense.

In Washington, there are two degrees of negligent driving offenses, each governed by its own set of Washington drunk driving laws and penalties. If you are facing negligent driving charges, you might be wondering how to handle your case. For detailed answers about your offense you should contact one of our Washington State negligent driving attorneys. However, what follows is a simple breakdown.

First degree negligent driving in Washington State.

In cases of first degree negligent driving, you can still be charged with the offense even if your blood alcohol is under the legal limit of .08. While first degree negligent driving doesn’t carry penalties that are as severe of those for DUI, you could still be facing expensive fines and the distinct possibility that your auto insurance rates will climb significantly. If you already have points on your driving record, you could be at risk of having your license suspended.

First degree negligent driving charges are often up to the discretion of the citing officer, so it’s important to understand your legal rights. The truth is, you can be charged with first degree negligent driving without actually being intoxicated or impaired in any way. Our Washington State negligent driving attorneys can help you ascertain if you were cited unfairly.

Second degree negligent driving in Washington State.

Second degree negligent driving is a civil infraction, not a criminal charge. Still it is considered the most serious of all traffic infractions, because it signifies that you were driving in a neglectful way that endangered people or their property.

Obviously, the penalties for a second degree negligent driving infraction are nowhere near as severe as that of most other WA drunk driving charges, but it is likely your insurance rates will skyrocket if you are found guilty. Because of this, it makes sense to talk to one of our Washington State negligent driving lawyers to see if your ticket can be dismissed, or if you can keep the infraction off of your record.

Your legal rights are stake.

No matter which negligent driving charge you are faced with, it is a wise idea to minimize the damage. This is especially true if you feel like you were unfairly issued a second degree negligent driving citation. An accumulation of points on your driving record could affect your driving privileges, and our Washington State negligent driving attorneys will make sure your rights are being protected.

Our Washington negligent driving lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience handling both first and second degree cases. Our first goal in every negligent driving case is to keep you validly licensed, and keep points off of your record so your insurance rates remain low.

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If you make up your mind to fight your negligent driving charges, we will do everything in our power to see that you are being treated fairly by the court. When you retain one of our negligent driving attorneys in Washington State, you can be certain that a qualified legal professional is handling your case. If you or someone you care about has been charged with a WA drunk driving related offense, contact us quickly so we can get started on handling the details. You can be confident that we will act as your personal advocate with the court, so your side of the story is told.

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