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Washington State DUI Attorneys

While it is now legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Washington State, there are still penalties for being under its influence when driving a motor vehicle. Indeed, this is considered a crime, and if you are convicted there will be repercussions that will affect your entire life.

Our Washington marijuana DUI lawyers urge you to take these charges just as seriously as you would an alcohol-related DUI, and can help you better understand how the law applies to your case.
The mandatory penalties for a pot DUI conviction include:

  • Up to 364 days in jail
  • Fines totaling up to $5,000
  • A driver’s license suspension of at least 90 days

If you are caught driving with a THC level of .05 nanograms or higher in your blood, you can be charged with a pot DUI in Washington. Protecting your legal rights is crucial, and our Washington State marijuana attorneys will do everything they can to ensure you are protected according to the law.

In cases where an officer suspects a driver of being under the influence of pot, they often garner assistance from a drug recognition expert. Oftentimes, it is this person who makes the determination whether a driver has been smoking pot. Because this “expert’s” opinion may be entirely discretionary, our Washington State marijuana DUI attorneys conduct a detailed investigation of your case. It is often necessary for our Washington marijuana DUI lawyers to peer into multiple avenues of defense based on the police reports and other variables.

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There is already a great deal of confusion and misconception concerning Washington marijuana laws. Our Washington State pot lawyers have taken the time to review these new marijuana DUI laws in detail, and can help you in your quest for answers about the law. Our Washington State marijuana DUI attorneys have over three decades of combined experience defending clients against drunk driving crimes in the state of Washington. Because drug-related crimes are so similar, we can help you construct an aggressive defense.

When you first contact our law offices, you can talk to one of our Washington State marijuana attorneys obligation-free, and at no cost. Our free case evaluation is designed around providing you with answers about your pot DUI so you can make an informed decision about your case. If you retain one of our Washington State marijuana lawyers they will do everything the law allows to actively pursue having your charges dismissed or reduced.

In some cases, a client may already have one or more DUI convictions on their record. If this is true in your situation you could be facing some very severe penalties, so don’t waste any time in contacting one of our Washington State marijuana attorneys. Our Washington State pot lawyers need time to give your case the attention it deserves, so that you can feel confident that everything is being done to protect your interests.

You can fight a Washington marijuana DUI. Contact our Washington State law offices today and find out how we can help you resolve your case.

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