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What you need to know about Washington DUI penalties.

One of the most dreaded aspects of being arrested for a Washington DUI is the penalties associated with a conviction. Getting a clear understanding of the Washington State DUI penalties you face will give you a better idea of how you would like to see them mitigated. Obviously, everyone wants to beat a DUI conviction, but this is often not possible. However, a strong defense can go a long way toward minimizing penalties, either through aggressive negotiation or when and if you go to trial.

The penalties for Washington State drunk driving related offenses vary according to each individual offense. It is a good idea to talk to one of our qualified Washington State DUI attorneys as soon as possible, so you can ascertain what penalties you could be facing for your particular Washington DUI crime.

Your Washington State DUI lawyer will seek to minimize the penalties you face by thoroughly investigating your case and looking for issues that could help strengthen your defense. Depending on your particular circumstances, there could be ways of attacking the case against you, but much depends on the police reports and other variables.

A quick look at Washington State DUI penalties.

If convicted of a DUI, you could face some, or all, of the following Washington DUI penalties:

  • Jail Time – No one wants to spend a day in jail, but often this punishment is mandatory. One of our Washington State DUI lawyer’s primary goals is to keep you out of jail.

  • Suspension of Your License – Again, this punishment is often mandatory, even in cases of reckless driving or minor DUI. Another focus of your defense will be to keep you validly licensed in Washington.

  • Expensive Fines – Fines are just another one of the Washington State DUI penalties that are associated with almost every WA drunk driving conviction.

  • Obtaining a Criminal Record – A criminal record can haunt you for many years, especially if you are convicted of a minor DUI. Washington court records are easily available in today’s technological world, so getting a job could become considerably more difficult if you don’t keep your record clean.

  • Alcohol Treatment – In some DUI cases, the court can require a person to undergo alcohol counseling for a period of time.

  • Placing an Interlock Ignition Device on Your Automobile – This is intended to make it impossible for you to start your vehicle without first “blowing” to see if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

  • Requirement to Carry SR-22 Auto Insurance – If your license is suspended you will be required to carry this expensive, high-risk insurance for three years.
How our Washington drunk driving lawyers can help minimize your WA DUI penalties.

If you’ve been arrested for any WA drunk driving related offense, you could punished with any or all of these penalties. The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated. Our qualified Washington State DUI attorneys are experienced trial lawyers, who understand the severity of your situation.

When you think about it, minimizing the Washington DUI penalties you are facing makes sense. Even if beating the charges is not possible, our qualified Washington drunk driving lawyers can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf in an effort to keep you out of jail, and keep you validly licensed. While there are never any guarantees when fighting DUI charges, trying to mitigate these penalties on your own without any legal backing will likely fail.

You can contact one of our legal professionals today for a free case evaluation. We will clarify how the law applies to your set of circumstances, and explain in more detail exactly what Washington State DUI penalties you are up against. If you decide we are the right Washington State DUI attorneys for you, then we will work to aggressively defend your legal rights and do everything legally possible to minimize your WA DUI penalties.

We believe that we can resolve your Washington DUI case on your behalf. Contact us today and find out how.

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