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Washington State DUI Attorneys
Why it’s important to understand WA DUI laws.

If you have questions about Washington DUI law, then it’s probably a good idea to talk to qualified Washington drunk driving attorneys about your individual case. A conviction for any WA drunk driving related crime will set into motion mandatory or discretionary penalties that will have far-reaching effects on every aspect of your life.

Many people choose to fight their Washington DUI, especially if they feel they were arrested under unfair circumstances or their legal rights were violated in some way. Others simply need help understanding WA DUI law, and would like to mitigate the damage as much as possible either through negotiations with the prosecutor or by going to trial.

It doesn’t matter why you might choose to fight your Washington State drunk driving charges, but understanding the law in your case does matter. Our professional Washington State DUI attorneys have over 30 years of experience dealing with the complications of Washington State DUI law. We can help you understand Washington law, and we can you make sure your legal rights are being protected by it.

A brief overview of Washington DUI laws.

What follows is some basic information about the various WA drunk driving related charges you can receive in Washington State.

When most people think of a DUI, they think of getting arrested for driving over the legal blood alcohol content limit. In Washington, that limit is .08 or higher. In cases where a person’s BAC is .15 or over, the penalties become more severe. While a failed breath test could result in a mandatory 90 day license suspension, if you refuse the test you could lose your Washington driving privileges for up to a year.

You might also be charged with an alcohol related crime in Washington even when you are not actually driving the vehicle. You can be arrested for a physical control violation under these circumstances, from anywhere inside or outside of your car.

A Washington minor DUI offense applies to persons under 21 years of age who are caught driving with a BAC of .02 or higher. Washington DUI law imposes discretionary penalties in minor DUI cases, but mandatory administrative license suspensions still apply.

Reckless driving and negligent driving offenses might seem less severe than a full blown Washington DUI, but the ramifications can be just as severe. A person cited for reckless driving faces mandatory penalties including jail time, fines, and a suspension of their driver’s license. Washington law states that they showed a wanton disregard for person and property.

Obviously, Washington State drunk driving laws are complex, and cover a broad spectrum of individual offenses. Our Washington State attorneys are here to make sure you understand them, and that your legal rights are protected under the same governing law.

Your defense must be based on Washington law.

When constructing an aggressive defense strategy, Washington State DUI laws also come into play. Your defense must adhere to these laws, as the court is only interested in legally-based arguments. If you plan on minimizing the penalties that go along with your Washington DUI, then you must create a defense that stands on sound legal footing.

Washington DUI law also applies to your arresting officer. Washington police are required to follow the law when pulling someone over, and if they fail to follow these legal guidelines then the case against you might be flawed. Even the device used to measure your BAC is regulated by Washington State DUI laws, as it has to be properly calibrated according to a certain schedule. In these ways, Washington drunk driving laws work both to punish and protect.

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Don’t allow a limited understanding of WA DUI law to derail your defense. Instead, talk to a legal professional about the Washington laws governing your offense, so you can make an educated decision about your case.

Our Washington State DUI attorneys offer a free consultation where we can outline the laws pertaining to your arrest, and start working on a suitable defense strategy based on the law. If you retain our services, our team of WA drunk driving lawyers will negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf, and ensure that your legal rights are being protected.

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