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What is a Washington Department of Licensing Hearing?

Many people don’t realize that when you are arrested for a Washington drunk driving offense, you not only have to deal with the court, but you also have to deal with the Department of Licensing (Washington DOL). Even more important, you have less than three weeks from the time of your arrest to file for your Washington State Department of Licensing Hearing.

Your WA DOL Hearing is where the State will decide whether to suspend your license. Adequate preparation is essential if you have any desire to stay validly licensed, so it’s important to have a good defense foundation before you appear at your hearing.
Driving is an integral part of most Washington resident’s lives. Losing your license for even a few months may not only be a hassle, it could end up affecting your job and the lives of those in your household.

You are only given 7 days to challenge your statutory license suspension. If you fail to do so, your license is automatically suspended and it is illegal for you to be behind the wheel. Our Washington State DUI lawyers can handle your WA drunk driving case from start to finish, including your Washington State DOL Hearing.

While there is still no way to predict what the outcome of your Washington DOL Hearing will be, only a defense based on the law has any legitimate chance of being successful. When you retain one of our legal professionals, they will aggressively fight to keep you validly licensed at your Washington Department of Licensing Hearing.

Be prepared for your Washington State DOL Hearing.

Investigating any DUI case takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Still, there is no reason to go into your hearing unprepared. By contacting one of our Washington State DUI attorneys as soon as possible, you give them the time they need to conduct a thorough independent investigation on your behalf.

Experience has taught us that there are certain aspects of every DUI case that must be looked into. Your Washington State drunk driving lawyer will ascertain if there was probable cause for your arrest, and if you were pulled over for a legitimate, legal reason. They will also analyze the device used to determine your blood alcohol content, ensuring that the unit’s calibration was up to date. Any problems with these issues can be presented at your Washington DOL Hearing as a means of defense.

A few weeks after your hearing you will be notified about the determination. If your license is suspended, and it is your first DUI offense, then you will lose your license for up to 90 days. When your suspension is over, you will have to provide proof of having high-risk (SR-22) auto insurance, and you will be forced to keep it for three years. If you have other DUI offenses on your record, you could be facing a lengthier suspension, the longest of which is four years.

Get help now, before your WA DOL Hearing.

If being validly licensed is important to you, then contact one of our Washington State DUI attorneys today for a free case evaluation. We will go over the specifics of your Washington DOL Hearing, and every other aspect of your DUI case. If you want to retain one of our qualified lawyers, we will immediately start preparing an aggressive defense on your behalf so that when your Washington State DOL Hearing comes up we are ready to offer a quality legal argument.

Don’t’ take a chance with your driving privileges or your Washington State Department of Licensing Hearing. Contact us today and we will do everything allowed by the law to help you retain your driving privileges.

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